Overseas Insurance

This policy is available for Business & Holidays and Frequent Corporate Travelers.

Scope of cover :
Personal Accident
Medical Expenses and Repatriation
Loss of Checked - in baggage
Delay of checked - in baggage
Loss of Passport
Personal Liability

Plans under the Policy
Plan F- World wide excluding USA & Canada
Plan G- World wide including USA & Canada
Plan H- World wide including USA & Canada (CFT - Annual Policy)

Plan Medical Expenses & Repatriation
F US$ 250,000
G US$ 550,000
H US$ 500,000
Deductible US $ 100 on each & every claim.

Additional benefits under the policy
Personal Accident US$ 25,000 Limit of cover restricted to US $2000 for the death if insured is below 16 yrs of age - Deductibel Nil.
Total loss of checked in baggage US $ 100 Deductible 12 hours.
Delay in checked in baggage US $ 100 Deductible US $ 200.
Loss of passport - US $ 250 Deductible US $ 30.
Personal Liability (TPPD only) - US $ 200,000- Deductible US $ 200.

Policy is available to the persons between the age group of 6 months to 70 yrs.

No claim notified later than 31 days after the end of the trip be entertained by Mercury.

Premium Table for USA & Canada
Premium Table Excluding USA & Canada
Premium Table for Students