Forms for Almost All Subjects
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Liability Indemnity-JB-BI-PA-RHI
U-W Guidelines MATD

Bankers Indemnity

Jewellers Block
Product Liability
Professional Indemnity
Public Liability Industrial Risk
Public Liability Non Industrial Risk

Cargo Claim Form
Hull Claim Form
Marine Cargo Proposal Form
Marine Hull Proposal
Marine Insurance Clauses 02-03
Marine Subrogation Letter

Other Policies MATD & UNTB

Data Sheet Acceptance

(Forms are listed as per subjects in A-Z format)

Adhikari Suraksha Kavach
Adhikari Suraksha Kavach Clause
Adhikari Suraksha Proposal

All Risk
All Risk Policy
All Risk Proposal
All Risk Claim Form

Baggage Clause ANC312
Baggage Proposal AC43

Bankers Indemnity
Bankers Indemnity Claim Form
Bankers Indemnity Proposal

Birth Right
Birth Right Insurance Policy
Birth Right Prospectus Proposal

Boatman Comprehensive
Boatman Comprehensive Proposal
Boatman Comprehensive Policy

Burglary Clause Form ac41
Burglary Proposal ac44
Burglary House Breaking Clause ac306
Theft Endorsement

Business Credit Shield Proposal
Proposal Form Domestic
Proposal Form Export

Cancer Old CPAA
Cancer Old CPAA Clause
Cancer Old CPAA Proposal

Cancer Insurance - New
Cancer Claim Form
New Cancer Policy
New Cancer Proposal
U W Instructions

Carriers Legal Liability
Carriers Liability Clause
Carriers Liability Proposal

Credit Society Package
Package Credit Society Proposal form
Package Credit Society Clause

D & O Liability Proposal
Director & Officers Proposal

Destination India
Destination India Policy
Destination India Proposal

Doctors Indemnity
Doctor Hospital E & O Claim Form
Doctor Indemnity Clause
Doctor Indemnity Proposal
Doctor Indemnity Rating

Doctors Package
Doctors Package Clause
Doctors Package Proposal

Doctors Protection Shield
Doctors Protection Shield Clause
Doctors Protection Shield Proposal Form
Doctors Protection Shield Rating

Fidelity Guarantee
Fidelity Guarantee Claim Form
Fidelity Guarantee Clause
Fidelity Guarantee Employee AC-52
Fidelity Guarantee Proposal Employer AC48

Golfers Indemnity
Golfers Indemnity Clause
Golfers Indemnity Proposal
Rating Golfers

Gram Arogya Yojana
Gram Arogya Yojana Policy
Gram Arogya Yojana Proposal
Gram Arogya Yojana - U W Instructions

House Holders
House Holders 1 Proposal
House Holders Clause

Inland Mechanical Proposed Vessel Liability
Inland Mechanical Proposed Vessel Liability Clause
Inland Mechanical Proposed Vessel Liability Proposal

Jewellers Block
Jewellers Block Claim Form
Jewellers Block Clause ac56
Jewellers Block Proposal ac249

GPA JPA Clause
Group Discount
JPA Claim Form
JPA Proposal

Lift Insurance
Lift Insurance Clause anc313
Lift Insurance Proposal ac58h

LPG Dealers Package
LPG Dealers Clause
LPG Dealers Proposal

Medical Establishments E & O
Doctor Hospital E & O Claim Form
Medical Establishments E & O Clause
Medical Establishments E & O Proposal
Medical Establishments Rating

Group Mediclaim
Group Mediclaim Clause
Group Mediclaim Proposal Form
Group Mediclaim Prospectus
DR Referral Slip
Mediclaim Clause
Mediclaim Formmed-6
Mediclaim Prospectus

Money Insurance
Money Insurance Claim Form
Money Insurance Clause
Money Insurance Proposal

Neon Sign
Neon Sign Clause
Neon Sign Proposal
Rating Neon Sign Insurance

OPS CA Financial Consultant
OPS CA Financial Consultant Clause
OPS CA Financial Consultant Proposal Form
OPS CA Financial Consultant Rating

OPS Engineers Architects
OPS Engineer Architect Clause
OPS Engineer Architect Proposal Form
OPS Engineer Architect Rating

OPS General
OPS General Clause
OPS General Proposal
OPS General Rating

Overseas Mediclaim Policies
CFT Endorsement
Clause B & H
Endorsement for Group Policy
K-Plan Endorsement OMP
Policy Schedule For B & H
Proposal Form B & H
Proposed Premium (over 180 days)
Endorsement to be Attached With D-1
Policy Schedule For E & S
Policy Wordings E & S
Proposal Form E & S
Important Slip
Jacket for Policy
OMP Claim Form

Pedal Cycle
Pedal Cycle Clause
Pedal Cycle Proposal Form

Personal Accident
Group Personal Accident Clause
Group Discount
Passenger Flight Insurance
Personal Accident Claim ac39
Personal Accident Clause ac62
Personal Accident Data Sheet
Personal Accident ME Endorsement
Personal Accident Proposal

Plate Glass
Plate Glass Claim Form
Plate Glass Clause anc 317
Plate Glass Proposal Form

PL Act Claim
PL Act Clause
PL Act Proposal

Pravasia Bhartiya
PBBY Claim Form
PBBY Policy
PBBY Prospectus
PBBY Proposal

Product Liability
Product Liability Claim Form
Product Liability Clause
Product Liability Proposal
Risk Assessment Report

Professional Indemnity E & O
CA Consultants - Lawyers
CA Consultants Rating
CA Law Fcosult Policy
CA Law Fcosult Proposal
Lawyers Rating
Engineers - Architects
Engineers - Architect Policy
Engineers - Architect Proposal
Engineers Rating
E & O Claim Form

Public Liability Non Industrial
Public Liability Claim
Public Liability NIR Clause
Public Liability Proposal

Public Liability Industrial Risk
Public Liability Industrial Claim
Public Liability Industrial Clause
Public Liability Industrial Pollution Quest
Public Liability Industrial Proposal
Risk Assessment Report Format

Race Horse Insurance
Race Horse Policy
Race Horse Proposal
Race Horse Rating
Race Horse Veterinary Certificate

Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojna
Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojna Clause
Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojna Proposal
Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojna U W Instructions

Rasta Apatti Kavach
Rasta Apatti Kavach Claim
Rasta Apatti Kavach Group Clause
Rasta Apatti Kavach Group Prospectus
Rasta Apatti Kavach Individual Clause
Rasta Apatti Kavach Individual Prospectus

Shop Keepers
Shop Keepers 1 Proposal
Shop Keepers 2 Clause

Special Contingency Policies
Portable Equipment Special Contingency Cover
Portable Equipment Policy
Portable Equipment Proposal Form
Special Contingency Share Transfer
Special Contingency Share Transfer Clause
Special Contingency Share Transfer Proposal
Stevedores Liability
Stevedores Liability Claim
Stevedores Liability Proposal
Stevedores Liability Clause
Loss of Expenses Event Cancel Clause
Special Contingency BARC Contractors Clauses
Special Contingency Extended Warranty Motor Clause
Special Contingency Information Sheet
Special Contingency Property Damage Clauses
Special Contingency Proposal Form

Sporting Gun Insurance
Sporting Gun Insurance Clause
Sporting Gun Insurance Proposal Form
Sporting Gun Insurance Rating

Student Safety
Student Safety Claim
Student Safety Clause
Student Safety Proposal

Suhana Safar
Suhana Safar Claim Form
Suhana Safar Clause
Suhana Safar Proposal

Terrorism Cover
R S M D Clause
Terrorism Exclusion Warranty
Terrorism Inclusion Endorsement

TV-VCR Insurance
Domestic Appliances Breakdown Claim Form
Specification of Repairs Form
TV-VCR Clause
TV-VCR Proposal

Universal Health Insurance Scheme
Universal Health Insurance Scheme Claim Form
Universal Health Insurance Scheme Clause
Universal Health Insurance Scheme Death Claim Form
Universal Health Insurance Scheme Proposal
Universal Health Insurance Scheme Prospectus

Workmen Compensation
Workmen Compensation Claim
Workmen Compensation Claim Form
Workmen Compensation Form-a-Death Claim
Workmen Compensation Form-l-PPD Claim
Workmen Compensation Medical Report
Workmen Compensation Receipt
Workmen Compensation Policy
Workmen Compensation Proposal ac60
Workmen Compensation Wages Adjustment

Claim Forms
AR Claim Form

Bank Indemnity Claim Form
Burg Claim Form ac 41
Cancer Claim AIM Form
Car Contractors Claim Form
Cattle Claim Form
Claim Agricultural Pump Set
Claim Cargo
Claim Electronics
Claim Fire
Claim Motor
Claim Plant
Claim Poultry
Deed of Indemnity
Domestic Appliances Breakdown Claim Form
Dr Hosp E & O Claim Form
E & O Claim Form
Fidelity Guarantee Claim Form
Financial Authority
Hull Claim Form
Jewelers Block Claim Form
Janata Personal Accident Claim Form
Letter of Subrogation
Liability Claim
Marine Subrogation Letter
Mediclaim Form Med 6
Money Claim Form
Overseas Mediclaim Policy Claim Form
Personal Accident Claim AC 39
Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana Claim Form
Plate Glass Claim Form
Public Liability Insurance Act Claim
Product Liability Claim Form
Rasta Apatti Kavach Claim
Specification of Repairs Form
Students Safety Claim
Suhana Safar Claim Form
UHIS Death Claim Form
UHIS Claim Form
Vakalatnama Client
Vakalatnama Insurer
WC Claim Form
WC Form A Death Claim
WC Form l PPD Claim
WC Medical Report
WC Receipt